At the heart of the Croser story is the region, the hand crafting and the determination to create something world-class.

Croser was created as it was believed that the right region in Australia could produce sparkling wine to rival Champagne. That region is the Piccadilly Valley in the Adelaide Hills.

Founded by Brian Croser, the first vintage of Croser was released in 1985 as an extension of Petaluma Wines. The Croser philosophy continues today starting in the vineyard where all the vines are hand pruned, the grapes handpicked, the fruit whole bunch pressed and the wines hand crafted in the traditional method.

It was crafted in the traditional method, as it was believed this to be the only method to make sparkling wines to rival Champagne as it created complexity of texture, flavour, bouquet and those tiny bubbles.

Today, our winemaking and viticulture team carry on this tradition.